The spread of our human population into more rural or undeveloped areas and the accompanying spread of wildlife into human-inhabited territory increase the risk for certain health problems for both pets and their people.

Trash cans, bird feeders, pet food left out for our pets or left intentionally for the wild animals to eat, and other food sources attract wildlife to our yards, homes and businesses. It’s not that the wild animals are “bad,” they’re just doing what comes naturally to them: surviving. We still have to be on the watch for serious  problems, though.

Raccoons, skunks , and opossums are some of the more common wild animals whose territories are more frequently overlapping those of humans. They have proven very capable of moving into suburban and even dense urban areas and thriving.
There are several categories of problems that could be encountered: property damage ,sleep loss, infections, parasites and trauma even death! due to direct contact.