What Damage to squirrels do?
Squirrels are very cute until they become a pest around structures. If they enter a building, they are capable of doing damage to a multitude of objects because of their chewing behavior. The most common entry point for squirrels is the attic, which they may enter by chewing a hole into a gable or other susceptible area. In other cases, squirrel will chew into soffits areas and make themselves quite comfortable there.

Once in the attic or soffit, they may nest and eventually reproduce with a litter of several young. In an attic, there is potential for damage to stored goods as well as to wiring with the potential for fire due to gnawing of those wires. Droppings from squirrels may also be a nuisance. If squirrels enter a home through a door or garage, they may do damage to furniture and upholstery in an effort to escape. In other cases, squirrels may do damage outdoors by chewing on structures, screens, lawn furniture, plants or digging in the grass.