Bats are nocturnal animals that often like to make their home in your attic or chimney. This is the most common call for Bat Removal and Bat Control. Bats sleep during the day and come out at dusk. If your home isn’t sealed off with proper bat exclusion, you could be exposing it to these night-loving bats.

Bat Fact: Bat Colonies, Bat Removal, Bat Control, Trapping Bats

Bat Control of a colony of bats, large or small, that decide to take up residence on your property can be especially troublesome for two reasons:

1) These bats make a lot of noise flying in and out of the attic or chimney. Who needs that when you’re trying to get a good’s night sleep?

2) A colony of bats will leave their filthy, stinky and illness-causing waste products and bat guano. They don’t clean up after themselves! Bat feces or Bat Guano can contain a host of diseases, bacteria and fungi that can make you sick! It’s a known fact that bats carry a variety of diseases, such as rabies.

Bat Fact: Bats Can Have Rabies

You should not try to perform Bat Removal and Bat Control on your residence or business! The Bat could be rabid! If you get bit seek immediate medical attention.

We are specially trained in removing bats, controlling bats, bat exclusion and control of all types of animals. We’ll perform Bat Removal and Bat Control in a humane way and seal off their entry points to your home or building so that they can’t return using guaranteed bat exclusion materials.