Bee Fact: Bee Removal, Bee Control, Trapping Bees

Bee control is a growing concern for homeowners, businesses, and schools because Bees, Hornets, Wasps, Killer Bees, Honey Bees, and Yellow Jackets can cause structural damage and pose a hazard to people. With rising concerns of the Africanized bee (killer bee) more people are now looking for Bee Removal and Bee Control rather than simply avoiding them.

Do not attempt to remove bee colonies yourself! Never shoot, throw rocks at, pour gasoline on, burn or otherwise threaten established bee colonies. Call us for safe and Professional Bee removal.

The Bee Removal Process

Problem Wildlife Management is an all-humane Bee Removal service company. This sets us apart from our competitors. We do our best to never kill or harm the bee colony. Instead we prefer use a smoking system for Bee Control and Bee Removal, which is commonly used by beekeepers. The smoke calms the bee colony and creates an opportunity for our technicians to remove the beehive while the bee colony’s defensive response is interrupted.

Next, performing Cleaning and bee exclusion in the area the bees were present is important to prevent future infestations of either bees or other pests attracted to the honey. Our goal for Bee Removal, Bee Control and Bee Exclusion is to make sure you don’t have the same problem again. If you have been calling a company repeatedly for the same problem it is time to call us and get rid your bee problem once and for all.